Strolli Rider, The Buggy Board Beater

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With today�s busy lifestyles most parents value the convenience of a stroller or pushchair. Strollers have become such popular and necessary items during childhood that they are available in almost every design and style imaginable. From lightweight, highly portable strollers to specially designed jogging strollers that seat two children, parents must decide on the best stroller for their family and their needs.

Once a decision is made to purchase a single stroller, a double seater, or maybe even a stroller for three, parents can choose from a number of accessories to make their travel with little ones even simpler. There are just as many choices in accessories as the variety of strollers available, and some accessories are even more unique than the one of a kind strollers they are designed for.

The most common stroller accessories are those that adapt a stroller for infant use. With an adapter, most standard infant carriers or car seats can securely fasten to many brands of strollers. There are also a number of baby head supports available to keep newborns safe as they ride and special bunting wraps that sit right inside the stroller while keeping baby warm and snug.

Accessories that protect children from the sun and rain are also popular. Easily attachable screens are usually made of sturdy meshed material, allowing little ones to enjoy the view while they are safely shaded from the elements. Parents can also find a number of umbrellas in various sizes and a wide array of colors that can fasten right to the stroller for a cool, relaxing stroll no matter what the weather.

Happy, comfortable children make outings and errands much more fun. An attachable activity tray can keep little ones occupied on the road. These convenient surfaces keep children content as they play with small toys or eat a snack. Many of the trays even include cup holders for extra convenience. Parents can also add soft travel pillows designed specifically for children and strollers to make naptime simple on the go.

Recent innovations in stroller accessories have not only added extra fun to traveling for children, they are even more convenient for parents. Attachable seats or platforms can turn a single standard stroller into a ride for two. The seat fits onto the back of the stroller and rolls along as the parent pushes. Attachable seats like the Strolli Rider are designed like a tricycle, with a comfortable seat, foot rests, and handlebars. These accessories are an affordable way to accommodate your young child as well as a new baby without purchasing a bulky double stroller.

Accessories that offer convenience to parents don�t end with the Strolli Rider. Extendable and angled handles are available to make it easy to push heavy strollers with only one hand. Bags and totes that attach to the handlebars offer plenty of storage space for toys, snacks, cell phones, papers, and more. Some bags have pockets designed specifically for drinks, phones, and keys. Coolers and insulated drink carriers can also attach to most strollers so bottles, cups, and water bottles stay cold on long outings.

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