Ginger For Morning Sickness - 3 Ways To Utilize Ginger For Fast Morning Sickness Relief

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Ginger is a potent herb, native to Asia that has various healing powers, one of which is eliminating nausea related to morning sickness. Physicians and Midwives have been recommending ginger for morning sickness to their patients for many years because of its effectiveness. In this article you will learn 3 ways ginger can be used to treat morning sickness.

Morning sickness typically starts around the fourth week of pregnancy and lasts from 8 to 10 weeks. However, these eight to 10 weeks can be very difficult for the expectant mother.

Morning sickness can be treated in a number of ways. One natural remedy that works really well for a lot of expectant mothers is using ginger for morning sickness. Ginger for morning sickness can be used in a variety of ways to include the following:

Ginger Tea - Ginger tea calms the stomach and rapidly diminishes feelings of queasiness. You can purchase ginger tea or make your own by grating a few slices of fresh ginger root into boiling hot water, let it sit for just a few minutes and sweeten to taste.

Powdered Ginger - Powdered ginger offers almost immediate relief from morning sickness. Take half teaspoon of powdered ginger followed by a cup of water.

Powdered ginger is not nearly as flavorsome as a warm cup of ginger tea, so unless your morning sickness is extremely severe it is suggested you try ginger tea or capsules .

Ginger Capsules - Take a capsule of ginger when you begin to feel sick to make the nausea feeling subside. You will begin to feel better after a few minutes. To stop morning sickness before it starts, take a capsule of ginger when you first get out of bed in the morning, one around the lunch hour and one in the evening before bed. Doing this should drastically decrease the feelings of nausea you suffer from throughout your day.

When using ginger for morning sickness, be sure not to consume more than a gram each day.

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