Choosing the Sex of your Baby - the Moral Question

by Panikkarson D - Date: 2007-01-21 - Word Count: 408 Share This!

Some people oppose gender selection calling it an attempt at playing God. They believe that nature must be allowed to decide whether you deliver a boy or a girl. But when you think about it, the issue is not so clear.

If you are seriously ill, if you have a major illness requiring surgery or even an organ transplant do you just allow nature to take it's course and resign yourself to slow and painful death, or do you go in for treatment?

Do you support contraception, preventing pregnancy using "unnatural" barriers or pills? Do you think abortion is an acceptable option in any circumstance? How is an attempt to influence the gender of the baby you are going to conceive different from any of these?

Now consider the most important reason I have mentioned for gender selection - preventing the birth of a child who is likely to be born with a serious genetic disease. Quality of life for both parents and child becomes an issue. For instance, will the child be so handicapped that he is not only in perpetual discomfort but is also fully dependent on someone for all his needs?

What will happen to this child if the parents are no longer able to care for him? Can the parents' marriage weather the stress of raising a boy who will need constant nursing and who will never live a normal life?

If the parents were to separate, who would take on the financial and emotional burden of accepting and supporting disabled child? Let me be honest here. I have personally never been able to accept the idea of abortion. But if you ask me about abortion as a choice in the case of pregnancy resulting from rape, I am not so sure of my stand.

Similarly, if you ask me about gender selection by using natural methods that will improve the odds in favour of conceiving a boy or girl, I am all for it. But if you ask me about using only those embryos of the preferred gender and getting rid of the others when using the IVF procedure for gender selection, I am not so sure it is right, because I see it as an abortion.

But then again, if this pre-implantation genetic diagnosis is used to prevent the birth of a seriously ill child? Again, I am not so sure it is wrong.

I guess these are moral issues that each one of us must decide on one's own. .....

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Panikkarson likes to observe people making the difficult choices in life, especially moral choices. His views on gender selection are available at Once there, you may also download a free ebook about why people are interested in choosing the sex of their babies. Information about 100 percent natural, safe and low tech methods for choosing the sex of your baby are available on the website. If you feel strongly about the moral issues involved, or have a comment about my opinions here, please post your views at

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