Tips For Healthy Pregnancy

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For a healthy new baby, healthy pregnancy is a must. Every woman has a desire for a healthy pregnancy. Following a healthy lifestyle is the surest way to have a healthy baby.

Expecting parents have to adopt a healthy way of life before conception to lessen the risk. Parents should be nutrition conscious before planning for a baby which will lead the mother in good health from day one and give the baby a healthier start to life. Precautions such as good medical care before getting pregnant, balanced and nutritive diet, regular exercise, avoid alcohol, caffeine, drugs and nicotine, medications, x-rays, hot tub baths and saunas and infections are required to have a healthy pregnancy.

Here are a number of tips that will help to get started on a safe and healthy nine months.

After being sure about your pregnancy, consult with your gynecologist. They will make sure how the situation is, normal or not. They can answer your all questions and can give you suggestions to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

Change your life style. During pregnancy you are doing everything, eating, drinking and even breathing, for two. Whatever you will do in the next nine months will affect your childs growth. Giving up drinking and smoking, even second hand smoking is highly suggested to avoid complications.

Eat healthy and drink enough water. To ensure proper nutrition, choose foods such as fiber-rich vegetables and fruits as well as fish and dairy products. Avoid and substitute foods that cause you morning sickness. Drink 6 to 8 glass of water a day. Please, avoid dieting during pregnancy; it is not time for dieting. Dont hanker after junk food as it will cause complications during pregnancy and later in your childs life.

Exercise makes pregnancy easy by giving you strength to deal with labor and overcome mood swings during pregnancy. Having a regular exercise will also help you to get back the shape after giving birth.

Get enough rest and sleep daily. Dont neglect it. Plenty of sleep will make your immune system as strong as possible. Rest on your side that will reduce the swelling and allow the best blood circulation to your baby.

Regular pre-natal care is important for the health of the baby. Take it as a responsibility to go for a regular pre-natal check-up.

During or after pregnancy, you can face acne, blemishes, stretch marks, varicose veins and weight gain. Dont worry there are solutions for it. To prevent or reduce stretch marks on your skin moisturize it or apply coco butter. Regular exercise and drinking plenty of water will also help you to stay beautiful through these nine months and after.

To prevent fatigue and swelling of the feet, legs, and ankles put your feet up several times a day. Wearing comfortable, non-restricting shoes will also work.

While riding in motor vehicles wear a safety belt and sit as far from the air bag as possible. Position the shoulder portion of the restraint over the collar bone and place lap portion under the abdomen, never above the abdomen.

Simply a bit of care, hygiene and awareness can make pregnancy, the most important phase of womens life, healthy and easy.

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