Morning Sickness Symptoms - 3 Signs That Morning Sickness Has Begun

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Morning sickness is a normal part of pregnancy for most women. 7 of every 10 women will go through morning sickness. This article covers three obvious signs that morning sickness has begun.

Signs and symptoms of pregnancy can begin as early as a couple of weeks after conception. There are many different signs that point to pregnancy and morning sickness. The three most common morning sickness symptoms are:

Sensitivity To Certain Smell - Your sense of smell intensifies significantly during the beginning stages of pregnancy because of the increased production of hormones. Things that once smelled good to you may now cause you to become really ill. During this time try to stay away from strong odors from foods and perfumes. Make note of the things you encounter daily that make you nauseous and make all efforts to avoid them.

If that's not possible, slice up a lemon and carry a piece in a small plastic bag. Whenever you begin feeling ill from surrounding odors, open the bag and smell the lemon. The smell of the lemon will stop the feelings of nausea.

Mood Swings - At times, your moods will go from one extreme to the other. One minute you may feel on top of the world and the next totally depressed. These are your hormones at work. Just try to remember that this phase of pregnancy will not last forever.

Nausea and Vomiting - Queasiness, nausea and vomitting are telltale signs that morning sickness symptoms has begun. Medical professionals are still trying to understand what causes morning sickness. While there is no definitive answer they believe that it is the rapid change in hormone levels that is taking place during the beginning stage of pregnancy.

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