Fun and Unique Baby Shower Decorating Ideas

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Baby showers are a great way of announcing to the world that you are going to be a new mother. Since baby showers are traditionally given to help the new mother celebrate the fact that she is going through one of life's most important events, you can help to make this event special by seeing that the party looks fabulous. There are many ways that you can accomplish this but a baby shower decoration that shows the amount of thought that has gone into it will create a lasting memory.

Now there are many different baby shower decorations that you can use but having a personalized baby shower decoration makes the party even more special. So what baby shower decorations can you have that will make a baby shower a fun event? This really depends on the amount of money and time that you have.

However, you can mix the choice of a lavish baby shower decoration with that of other simple and inexpensive ideas. For instance you can have a little wire baby carriage filled with fresh baby's breath and other small fresh flowers as a table centerpiece. Another great baby shower decoration would be to have a small stork figurine holding a baby in a blanket near the new mother's seat.

Now I know that many people have already tried ideas like this, but you can give these baby shower decorations a personal look and make them uniquely yours. Instead of medium sized children's umbrellas you can have miniature parasols that are opened and hanging from the ceiling near each guest's seat. In this baby shower decoration you will have a lot of party favors like miniature perfume flacons, light up pacifiers, and small delicious chocolates for the guests.

Other than baby shower decorations for the guests and the new mother you can make the baby shower itself look interesting and unique with some really beautiful baby shower decorations in the room. One type of baby shower decoration that you can try is to have some long clear plastic champagne flutes filled with fresh flowers. From the stems you can have some brightly wrapped mini chocolate eggs waiting for your guest to take home or eat while they are at the party.

As you see these baby shower ideas can be either expensive or simple. The way that you plan these parties depends on the time and the money that you are willing to set aside. The one thing that you can be assured of is that if you take a little effort you can have a great looking baby shower decoration that will last as a wonderful memento for the expectant mother.

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