The Best Vitamins And Minerals In Increasing Fertility

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There are many natural treatments that can help improve the fertility of a couple. These natural treatments have helped so many couples in getting pregnant. Taking in vitamins and having natural and inexpensive treatments can help in increasing fertility. Some of these vitamins can be accumulated from foods that increase fertility.

This can help couples in getting pregnant, especially when the cause of infertility is unexplained. This can also help increase the infertility of couples that have not yet been successful in conceiving and have been trying for a long time.
It is important to know which vitamins and minerals can increase the chance of getting pregnant. Taking the right supplements can help in increasing fertility. But remember taking in supplements is still not enough, taking in the right foods that increase fertility is still important.

There is even a study in Harvard, which shows that taking in supplements with multivitamins can help you with your infertility problems.
Also, remember that there is no single supplement that can give you all the vitamins you need in increasing fertility. Here are some of the vitamins both men and women need to increase the chance of getting pregnant.

Vitamins needed in increasing fertility

Taking in foods that increase fertility is very important if you are planning to get pregnant. Once you get pregnant, having the right amount of calcium will definitely help, not only you, but also your baby.

Calcium can also promote the fertilization of egg and sperm by alkalizing you and your partner's body. One of the foods that increase fertility where you can calcium is milk. Dark leafy greens and almonds is another food source that provides you with calcium. Besides the milk you can also get your calcium from supplements

Zinc is also very important, especially for men. Zinc can help build good sperm, healthy testicles, and it can also increase sperm count. One of the best foods that increase fertility that have zinc is oysters. Having 15mg of zinc intake is enough; you don't have to take in oysters every day

Another important vitamin in increasing fertility for both men and women is vitamin c. For women it can improve the level of hormones, increase fertility, keep the immune system healthy, and helps the body absorbs iron. However, having too much vitamin c can be bad for the vagina because it can dry up the cervical fluid. For men it can keep the sperm from clumping and it improves movement. Some of the best foods that increase fertility are bell peppers, oranges and strawberries.

Vitamin E is another important vitamin in increasing fertility for men and women. For women, it helps the endocrine system and it absorbs other important fats that are beneficial for the hormones. For men, it can increase the production of sperm and it keeps the sperm from mutating. Watercress, liver, and wheat germ are some of the main sources of this vitamin

Iron is also a vitamin, which can help in increasing fertility because it is a blood building nutrients. A whole food supplement is the best form of iron, while synthetic versions may cause constipation

For a good utilization of proteins, mineral and other important vitamins, Vitamin A is best. Egg yolks, liver and seafood are the foods that increase fertility where you can get vitamin A.

L-Arganine can increase cervical mucus, enhance sexual performance, makes the uterus healthier and may help women over 40 in getting pregnant.

Folic acid can make your baby healthier. This is best taken before and during pregnancy. This is very important in getting pregnant and during pregnancy.

There are also essential fatty acids or EFA that can help both men and women in increasing fertility. Flax seed oil, Coconut Oil and Cod Liver Oil are great sources of EFA.

Last but definitely not the least, is the DHA. Taking it before conception will assure you that your baby will be healthy.

These vitamins and minerals can be taken from food sources or supplements. These vitamins can help you get a safer infertility solution and help women being more fertile for pregnancy.

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