Answering Machine - A Complete Review.

by Linda E. Joy - Date: 2006-11-25 - Word Count: 472 Share This!

I recently started a home based business. As a result of this business I am telephoning people across the United States. I cannot believe the messages that people leave on their answering machine. I know that everyone has their own character and ways of expressing themselves, but using an answering machine to do this does not leave a great first impression.

As I have been making my telephone calls I have come across all sorts of messages. Some people have the standard computer voice saying that no one is available please leave a message, and others have the standard message that is suggested in the hand book that you get with an answering machine system. These messages may seem boring but they leave the caller with a neutral opinion of the person that is called. Of these two I prefer to hear the person's voice stating that they are not available and to leave a message.

The other answering machine messages that I have encountered range from funny to rude. The mid range is the people that leave very detailed instructions on how you are to leave a message and what to place on it. I have found that often times the people that want the most details have the shortest amounts of time available

To leave a message. I end up getting cut off and have to remember and listen to all the instructions over again to leave the rest of my message. Some people have clips from cartoons or movies that are used for their message. Others have loud music for the first few seconds and then have a recorded message. This is fine if you are using your phone only for friends and family, but if you are looking for employment and have given your number on a resume this is not the best idea.

The rude messages are the worse. One answering machine had the message if you think you are important enough for me to get back to leave a message. Another stated I most likely am not getting back to you loser but go ahead and leave a message. Still others have offensive language telling you to get lost because a message will not be returned.

As I am making my calls to set up interviews, and these are all people that have requested phone interviews, I find that I am rating people from the start. If I encounter a rude message on an answering machine in my first contact I will leave a message asking the person to get back to me, and I will not make another call to that person. I also make a note on their resume regarding the type of message they have on their answering system. I do not think that people realize that the messages they are leaving others make a strong first impression.

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