Diamond Bezels on Jewelry Watches

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One of the finest watches ever produced in recent years is the Vacheron Constantin's Kallania. It's the world's thinnest watch and the best jewelry watch ever made at 1.64millimeters in width. Set in 18 karat white gold, the Kallania recently won the award as the Best Jewelry Watch Award in the Vogue Jewels Awards Show in Madrid, Spain. The diamond bezels in the Kallania match the diamond bracelet making the watch seamless as if it was just one flawless piece. The Kallania is the heir of the Kallista, which until recently was the most famous jewelry watch that Vacheron Constantin ever produced 30 years ago. The Kallania has 186 emerald cut diamonds with the total number of carats as 170. Each diamond undertook a long and thorough selection process from among a huge number of stones extracted from several million tons of diamantiferous ore. The exceptional level of purity, colour, cut, finishing and homogeneity is a rare achievement indeed. Its level of purity, cut, color, homogeneity and finishing is almost flawless and because of this, each diamond was certified by the independent laboratory of the Swiss Gemmological Institute (SSEF.) The price tag for this watch is close if not 8 million dollars.

Diamond bezels are increasingly popular for women's watches but they have also been gaining popularity in men's watches as well. The most popular of all watches to get a diamond bezel upgrade is of course Rolex. The cost of an upgrade may vary but starts at around 3000 dollars. For women's watches, the cost to place a diamond bezel on a lady oyster is slightly less than that of a man's watch. Although, women's watches can upgrade their diamond bezels to customize it by placing different diamond colors for the bezel. Depending on the uniqueness of the color and the carat of the diamond, the price for such can easily reach the high 4 figures to the 5 figures.

For our tenth wedding anniversary, I decided to upgrade my wife's rolex lady oyster with a not too expensive diamond bezel face. It was easy to get my wife to part with her rolex as I told her we needed to service the watch and I would do the same with my watch as well. I had chosen the design months ago and decided on the carat weight per individual diamond. It would take a week or so before it could be done. I told my wife that I was going to have her watch cleaned and shined so it would like it was brand new. No problem. When the watch was ready, it was two days before our anniversary and my wife had asked if the watch was ready yet. I told her that I would get it before our anniversary dinner, which we had planned to have by ourselves. We decided to spend the night in a hotel and have dinner and breakfast in the morning as well. Well, you get the picture. As we started our dinner, I handed my wife a red box, a watch box. She smiled and opened it. Her eyes went wide and she asked me if I had gotten her a new watch. I smiled and told her that was her watch, upgraded of sorts. She smiled and kissed me on the lips with tenderness and passion. We skipped the dinner and well, you get the picture.

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