Japan Against China by the International Joint

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Diaoyu islands are Japanese territory, the fact has been recognized around the world, not Japan one of the words. However, the Chinese government not only verbally assert sovereignty over the Senkaku Islands, but also sent to the Senkaku offshore, including military vessels, including submarines, the Chinese fishing activities in the area has become increasingly frequent. These moves forced the Senkaku Islands belong to China becomes a fait accompli. If we tolerate this acquiescence, not only will Japan's sovereignty trampled, it will cause instability in international relations.

However, one country alone uphold tough stance of Japan, the problem is not resolved. Therefore, the Chinese government to prevent violations of the territory, territorial waters and the issue of promoting a fait accompli, to achieve international cooperation is essential. China's violations of the waters surrounding the Senkaku Islands, the behavior of the South China Sea area with its echoes of the move is, so the Japanese in the implementation of measures to counter these acts, they should promote the United States, ASEAN countries, and even cooperation with South Korea.

Not be hasty to assume that the release of the captain means the Senkaku Islands crisis to the Chinese victory. The question of history, few countries stand in the position of Japan, but the face of China's expanding maritime hegemony, many backward countries, the Japanese side. Deep territory alone is not Japan. In terms of China's attitude had not softened the territorial waters, the results they deserve.

There are indications that the Chinese government that the economy is also a diplomatic means. Although there is no way of knowing whether in the end China and Japan have interrupted the supply of rare earth, but you can find that China seems to be trying to mild economic sanctions to contain Japan. For China, the choice of such a move can be described as self-defeating. Suppose China has used economic interdependence to expand military interests, not only in Japan, the United States and other countries to expand trade with China will inevitably become cautious.

China is now the high dependence on foreign trade, has lost the will to be used as a political tool of economic freedom.

The face of expanding the territory of China, the situation of the territorial sea, the Japanese government should join the United States, ASEAN countries and South Korea, to develop counter-measures, rather than act alone.

12 at the enlarged meeting of ASEAN defense ministers opened in Hanoi. U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates referred to in the talks between China and some ASEAN member countries dispute sovereignty over the South China Sea issue there, said: "should not resort to force, but should be through diplomatic channels, to follow international law to settle." Participants to relevant sources, Japan and South Korea the two countries were also touched on the issue.

There are views that the South China Sea issue to the discussion within ASEAN cautious, but increasing in the South China Sea situation in the United States believes it is necessary from the "freedom of navigation" and the angle in order to contain China.

Conference program to enhance security cooperation through the "Joint Declaration of Hanoi" to promote economic development as a center of world peace in the region.

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