Senior's Views On Cell Phones

by Cathy Peterson - Date: 2007-01-13 - Word Count: 430 Share This!

Look around the next time you hear someone using a cell phone in public. How many times do you see a senior citizen talking on one? I bet not very often, if at all. For some reason, our elderly are not comfortable owing and using cellular phones. This is not a good thing, though, because older people just don't realize what a life-saver these little handy devices can be. Why don't seniors feel comfortable using cell phones? Well, there are several different reasons.

First of all, a senior's eyesight may not be as well as it used to be when they were younger. Cell phones are sometimes substantially smaller than a regular home phone, and the keys are even smaller. The senior may not be able to see the keys well, or may fear that they can't. Surely there are model available with larger keys, though, which would solve this particular problem.

Another reason why elderly individuals may be reluctant to use cell phones is because they may seem too technologically advanced for them. Most seniors didn't even have regular phones back in their youth, let alone mobile phones. They may feel that they are too old to use a device that is so modern and complex. Some feel that cell phones are only for younger people. They may feel like they couldn't possibly learn to use one, and with all the different features that typically come on cell phones, elderly people may be overwhelmed at the thought of attempting to learn to use one, or even downright terrified.

Senior citizens may simply feel that they don't have a need for a cell phone, so why go through the hassle of learning to operate such a complex object? This is certainly a misconception, because more and more seniors are living longer, and lots live alone. They could definitely benefit from a cell phone if they ever leave home, which many do. They never know when to expect an emergency, and a cell phone can really make it easier to call for help. What if a senior were to get stranded in their car after the car stops running, on a bitterly cold winter day? It wouldn't be a very good idea to get out and start walking, as hypothermia could easily set in, but if they had a cell phone, they could easily contact a family member, road service, or even the police if necessary. If they had no cell, they could possibly freeze to death. Seniors need to be educated on the importance of having and learning to use a cell phone.

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