Old Age Concerns

by Mike Francis - Date: 2006-12-04 - Word Count: 323 Share This!

Amid increased commercialisation and urbanisation,elderly people,even when they have well meaning children,have to fend for themselves when they have neither the energy nor the means to do so.at the stage of life when they need familial support most,they are abandoned by their families .It is an act of betrayl.Inn the twilight of their lives,once these people are renderd homelss,there are few support mechanism available to them.

They can hardly stand by them,they sufferers many diseases,they are like new born childerns who need all our attention and care.But they are betrayed by their own so called childrens and relatives.They are neglected when they need attention most.

Those who can afford there are some pay and stay old age homes.For those who cannot ther are free charitableold age homes. But those who have in curable diseases,are mentally unsound or suffer from contagious diseases, there is no place to goexcept the streets.

The issue is that the required social structure to support this group hashas gone missing.With living places shrinking the nuclear familyis becoming the norm.

Childrens today are certainly loosing the senstivity that they are their own father and mother they have played in their lap and grown under their love's shed.Today whatever they are,whatever their position is in this societyis only beacause of them.

But today when they need their love and carethey are left all alone in worst conditions.Why do they do not think that this could happen to them tommorrow? Who would support them when their autumn of life will come?What do they expect from their childrens?

Howeever there are legal provisions to ensure that children take care of their parents Governement should introduce bill in which it should be made obligatory for children to take care of their parents.Andtheir should be penalty clauses also in it if they do not do so.

governement should also set up more old age homes in big cities as well as in small districts. It s better to be late then never.

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