The Difference Between Natural Soap and Regular Soap

by Amy Nutt - Date: 2009-10-04 - Word Count: 510 Share This!

A lot of people are completely unaware of the difference between natural soap and regular soap. First and foremost, anytime you can get a product that is natural and organic, it is a good idea to choose that product over any other. Simply having less ingredients is a step in the right direction. Even more important is the fact that natural soap is made from a chemical reaction between lye, water and oil. The lye is completely removed during the process of making the soap, but it is critical to the manufacture of the natural soap to begin with. There is no such thing as any type of soap that was made without lye. All natural soaps are made with lye, oil and water. The different types of oil you can use are almost infinite, as each type of oil has its own properties and will make the soap be slightly different from other soaps. This is what makes homemade soaps unique.

The problem with our soaps is that most of the conventional soaps that you buy in the grocery store or Department store are not soap at all. Rather, they are detergents, made from petroleum, like motor oil or gasoline. This is why so many people have problems with regular soap from the grocery store causing irritation of the skin and other problems. In some cases, individuals have extreme problems with these types of petroleum products and suffer from horrible irritation. The most common irritant in the soap is called alkali. This compound does not exist in natural soap and causes irritation and dry skin in many people. If you have ever felt that your skin was tight, itchy or flaky, it is very likely due to the amount of alkali in your detergent-based soap. Switching to a natural, organic soap will make all the difference in the world and will not cost you that much more unless you decide to buy one of the higher quality soaps.

One of the indications that you have a natural soap and not a regular soap is the high levels of glycerin that most natural soaps have. While many soap manufacturers extract the glycerin to use for lotions and other beautifying products, a high quality soap still retains all the glycerin, the compound which soothes and moisturizes the skin. Since glycerin pulls moisture right out of the air, your skin tends to stay moist and soft for an extended period of time, especially when compared with the detergent-based soaps. Other harmful ingredients that are included in detergent-based soaps are isopropyl alcohol, BHT and Tricoslan, which is very common in antibacterial detergent-based soaps. None of these chemicals are particularly good for your skin, making it a good idea to steer clear of detergent-based soaps and stick with natural soap.

With all the benefits of natural soap, it is not surprising that there is such a tremendous level of interest that continues to grow as people become more and more aware of the benefits of these natural products and the differences between natural soap and regular soap.

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