The Mighty Ugg Boot - Can We Resist It?

by Lucy Ryder - Date: 2010-01-25 - Word Count: 569 Share This!

Today they are nearly as common as pigeons; walking through the city centre of Leeds on this bitter cold winter's day I must have counted at least 30 pairs of Ugg Boots donning the feet of women (and 1 man) of all ages, in many different styles and shades. In the colder months the infamous sheep's wool lined boot it seems could possibly be one of the best inventions ever, if their popularity is anything to go by.

Now I am actually throwing this statement out as a question, as I am one of the seemingly small minority of women who have never owned a pair of Uggs. That's right, and until today I had never even tried a pair on. But being involved in the sale of shoes online and seeing first hand how many pairs fly off the shelves each month (and with England experiencing her coldest blip since 1981 apparently) I have recently come to ask myself exactly why I haven't yet jumped on the Ugg wagon, and what have I been missing out on?

The Ugg style of boot originated in either Australia or New Zealand (there is debate over exactly which country) and have been pictured on the feet of pilots as early as during World War I. Since then they have also been worn by sheep shearers in Australia, and to keep the feet of surfers and swimmers warm when out of the water, in various countries. The insulative properties of sheepskin are what allow the boots to keep your feet toasty warm against the elements; the fleecy fibres of their linings keep your feet at body temperature by allowing air to circulate the feet. So there is obviously a clever science to this footwear, and I am thinking there may be a more attractive alternative to the 3 pairs of socks I am wearing under my wellies this week….

So I took myself into the city, and did not have to walk far until I came across a shop displaying Uggs in their window. Inside I approached the stand where a multitude of differently designed boots stood; yet all instantly recognizable as Uggs, with the branded label at the back of the heel. I picked up a few styles, pawing the different materials and fastenings and considering if I went for the classic style would I go for a short or tall? Black, Tan or Brown? So many decisions to be made! But the best bit was when I actually tried a pair of boots on - and for the fist time felt what Merino Sheeps' wool felt like on bare feet. How could I have denied my tootsies this dreamy sensation up until now? - it felt like 10 little bunnies had come and sat themselves around each foot, giving me their warmth and tickling my toes with their soft fur!

And that was it, I think I have finally given into the love of Uggs and am considering buying a pair online this week. I must admit I did wince a bit at the price tag - at around £200 for the Classic Tall style, I am going to do my research into similar brands who have followed suit with wool lined winter boots first. But that moment my feet shared with a pair of Uggs today may not be easily matched, and I may have already bought into the brand, helpless to fight it any more…

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