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Mythology has its place in human mind since early days. We human beings believe in mythology and worship several creatures known for their extraordinary power and ability. The mythical creatures' extraordinary powers have never been proved or disproved but its tales have been passed on from generation to generation in varied forms and legends. The belief in mythical creatures gives us unknown strength and power which makes us do many things in our life. It is the basic instinct of human mind to listen to mythological tales and develop there own understanding and belief of certain characters. We human beings have our own liking for mythical creatures which makes us follow some characters ardently and blindly and with others we do not have such ardent or blind faith in. The phoenix bird is one such creature who has emerged from mythology as a bird of immortal existence due to its extra ordinary strength and healing touch. Here you are going to read about the tales that has evolved about the phoenix bird.

Phoenix bird too have an unbelievable legend behind it which is very interesting and appealing to make us want to believe in them. The phoenix bird is said to be the epitome of strength bound with immortality. They are said to have unbelievable life span of more than five hundred years. And even after the long years of their life when they do burn to death the new life emerges from its own ashes. This is one of the legends of immortality associated with phoenix bird. It is said the phoenix bird has extraordinary color combination making it look like a fire bird or rather the sun bird as sun is believed to be its creator. Its looks is likened to the eagle but with a softer and more pleasant look and colourful appearance. As to how the bird looks is not entirely clear as no one has ever seen this bird either in real life or its photos. The phoenix bird pictures and photos we find around are all creations of human mind from the description given to it from legends.

There are various legends related to phoenix bird coming from different regions of the world. The city of Heliopolis has much connection for the bird in mythology. Some say the bird takes its egg made from ashes to the city and some others say the ashes are taken to the city as offerings to the Sun God. This bird also do not have the eating habits of a typical bird instead they feed on the barks of cinnamon and extracts of other aromatic herbs. Even the cry of the phoenix bird is likened to an enticing song. The bird has strong bondage with peace as it is said to never harm anything. The tears of phoenix bird are said to heal mortal wounds. It is said to disappear like a flash of lightning, so it is also believed to have magical properties. Most of the legends make the mythical bird to be the epitome of immortality, resurrection and healing.

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