Learning To Select Fragrances For Unique Individuals

by Taisha Grant - Date: 2007-01-18 - Word Count: 392 Share This!

One of the most challenging groups of people to select fragrances for are members of the gay community. Most people are mildly misinformed that if you simply pick up the opposite gender's fragrance your homosexual friends will be satisfied. There is a little more to it than that.

Gay feminine women are pretty much the same as straight women when it comes to their fragrances. They prefer a subtle but sweet or fruity scent that states femininity and confidence. Anything too strong is likely to go unused as the scent strength should match their body size, small aromas for small women.

Gay women who are little more robust tend to gravitate toward make fragrances that still linger on the sweet side, they are simply not as overpowering as some of the more feminine scents. They are not looking for an aroma that resembles male traits, they are simply looking for something a little more subtle than what the more feminine product lines tend to carry.

Gay men who bear more features and characteristics that resembled feminine traits are more likely to desire a similar fragrance to the gay women who prefer a man's cologne. These colognes need to be subtle. Anything overpowering is exactly that and the statement is lost in the scent.

The more manly gay men tend to prefer the aromas that are husky and even border on musk, although toning it down a few notches is usually a pretty good idea because just like their more feminine counterparts, there is a statement being made and overpowering cologne is likely to end up untouched.

Gay men are still quite interested in men's scents and gay women are still interested in women's aromas. There is simply a desire to find the right scent for the right body type, just like anyone else.

While these are not foolproof and absolutes, these rules are a general guide to buying for your unique friends or family members. Giving the gift of a quality perfume that has been well selected goes a long way within the gay and lesbian community.

Purchasing perfume or cologne for anyone can be a difficult challenge, however when you take the time to consider the individual's personality, likes, and dislikes, it certainly narrows down the choices by at least two thirds if not more. Perfumes that have been appropriately selected are a very good and personal gift.

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