Men's Style For Spring - Sloppy - It's Just Not Making the Grade

by Elizabeth Johnson - Date: 2010-03-07 - Word Count: 752 Share This!

Turn to any of the menswear spring collections for 2009 and what do you get? Wham! circa 1985. Yes, that Wham! The Wham of Wake Me Up Before You Go, Go.

All I can say is "run away!" Man, I don't want your freedom.

Men's style for this spring is "decidedly sloppy, with sloping pants with an Asian flair." Here I am actually quoting nobody in particular, but trying to give you a good amalgamation of a number of noted fashion critics and experts - some of them acclaimed, some of them self-appointed.

This kind of fashion is all very well and good if you're appearing in a tribute band or are an actual 1980s pop star trying for a little former glory with the vintage-chic crowd. If you're trying for a costume-y, somewhat asexual vibe, by all means go out and buy some loose-fitting jackets and wear neckties as a sash: it's all the rage, according to the Powers that Be. A darling little cardigan will wrap up your ensemble in the oh-so-cutest way, and try a pair of sweet little lace-ups in hopsack - think Jennifer Gray in Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

For those of you who are just regular guys, lace-ups are shoes.

Another big influence is Indian clothes - Nehru jackets, drawstring pants, sandals. Of course, most businessmen in Asia don't dress like this, though the guys in the musical Bollywood Nights did. Another retro vibe to embrace thoroughly.

The idea of relaxed opulence - kind of mixed with a little Miami Vice casual cool - will work for some. If you're going to a nightclub with a distinct Middle Eastern vibe, or have joined the Eurotrash jet-set crowd, this year's spring style has you all set. My best role model for you if you're following these trends: the Night at the Roxbury guys from Saturday Night Live.

The thing is that most guys don't have jobs that allow them to dress as if they're going to a costume party, no matter how cool the idea of being artistically attired is. Most guys have real jobs that require them to look professional and authoritative, and that means in most cases that MC Hammer pants and creatively draped scarves are a big no-no.

Okay, I kid. But I kid because I love.

You're holding down a real job and a normal life. But you can still take a cue from the style of the moment and infuse it into your daily wardrobe. Indian culture is big on sun-kissed jewel colors and paisley prints - buy a great new silk tie in these patterns and colors, and you're one step closer to being named to the best-dressed list. Try some shoes with two fabrications - shoes with hopsack or crocodile adornment might not work in banking or law, but if you're in a profession in which creativity is embraced, some of the new Armani (or Armani-inspired) two-tones might be very smart, indeed.

And think of those Asian colors - pale oranges or deep yellows, grassy greens and sky-blues, rose pinks and intense lavender - for shirt colors. Just about any good menswear store these days is going to have a variety of colors that transcend the traditional white, Oxford gray, and light blue. Pair one of these shirts with a brightly hued tie, and you're already on your way to meeting the fashion gurus halfway.

There is nothing in style trends that can outperform the well-dressed man. The man who is perfectly groomed, perfectly put together - we're really thinking more Don Draper in Mad Men than Sean Penn in anything - can open doors from which other, sloppier men are permanently barred. Finish off your nod to the style makers with a pair of Asian-inspired cufflinks. Cufflinks add the finishing touch to your wardrobe and make you appear to be a man of the world rather than a cookie-cutter corporate cutout.

Try pairing a violet or blue ensemble with a pair of silver dragonfly cufflinks. The dragonfly symbolizes rebirth and immortality, as well as swiftness and definition of purpose. Another good option is a pair of enameled cufflinks that evoke the feeling of Indian tiles and patterns. There's no getting away from the oriental flair that such jewelry calls to mind, but at the same time, you're making a classic and tasteful choice.

Finally, you could pick a pair of French knot cufflinks that will stir up thoughts of the frog fasteners that are used in so many oriental garments. The nice thing about the knots is that they're available at excellent prices - and that means you can order pairs in several colors.

Whether your interests are in silver, gold, artistic, sports, or other theme-related cufflinks we've got you covered. Cufflink Aficionado carries a broad range of men's cufflinks designed to meet each connoisseur's individual style and interest; even silver dragonfly cufflinks. Our selection of cuff links are sure to top off that perfect look.n
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