List Building Techniques for Increasing Subscriber Responsiveness

by Sean Mize - Date: 2007-01-24 - Word Count: 412 Share This!

So what are my techniques?

1) Send free offers. Just send an email with the subject line: "A free gift for you". Make sure that the gift you offer has high value. You can actually do a blitz campaign, sending out a new free gift every day. This is very effective at re-energizing an old list, but it will also stir up the bees, so to speak. You will get many complaints, and unsubscribes - but look at it this way, they weren't spending any money with you before, or opening your emails - do you really need them on your list? Clean house - end up with just the responsive subscribers on your list. Again, another way to weed through these is to require that they opt in to a new list to get the free gift. But don't do that everytime - some people may not want to be on a new list, and if everytime you send them a free gift, they do not accept it because they do not want to subscribe to a new list, then they will stop opening your emails - and this will obviously work against you.

2) Send out useful content. Send extremely useful stuff- again using a massive approach will work for weeding out the least responsive members of your list.

3) Use a series of feedback emails that will get people interested and curious about what it is you are writing about. So the first email subject line will be: " I need your help". When you write the response, use the subject line: "Re: I need your help". The next will read: "Re: Re: I need your help". You can continue this as long as it is providing additional opens and click throughs.

By the way, you must, absolutely must, track what you are doing. Your autoresponder company must be able to provide tracking details, so that you can monitor the effectiveness of every email you send out. Study the numbers every day. It might seem boring to you, but it is very useful in determining if a particular email is working or not. If one email in your sequence is pulling low numbers, replace it with something else. Over time, the quality of your emails and the responsiveness of your list will go up (all things being equal, comparing a subscriber in the same point in the campaign as a similar subscriber in another campaign at the same point in the campaign [for example, email 10, or day 10]).

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