Building Your List - 10 Tips On Finding Blogs To Drive Tarffic To Your Blog And Build Your List

by Connie Ragen Green - Date: 2007-05-22 - Word Count: 364 Share This!

One of the best ways to increase traffic, readership, and opt-ins to your blog is through other blogs. It is much easier to get someone over to your blog if they are already reading a blog that is similar to yours.

Search for blogs that are similar to yours by going to Google Blog Search and typing in some of your keywords. You will get a list of all blogs and blog posts that are using your keywords. This will include blogs of all types, and not just those from Google's

Read through as many of these as you can and make notes as you read. You are looking for blogs that:

Are written by one personAre not just a site put up to make money from AdSense by choosing a few popular keywordsPost at least once a weekHave a page ranking of 2 or higher from Google page rankAre not just personal diaries or journalsHave been around for a minimum of six months (check the Archives)Are not trying to sell something in every postHave lots of comments and trackbacks (read through the comments)Contain lots of good, solid content on your topicHave a picture and contact information for the person who is writing the blog Ideally, you are looking for blogs that are complimentary to your blog. That means that they are similar but not offering exactly the same information that you are giving to others. Choose 5 or 6 of these blogs and subscribe to their feeds. Read them daily to get a feel for what they are about and who their readership is. Begin to leave comments and to write posts referring to their posts. Always trackback after you have referred to their post so that the writer will know who you are and what you are doing.

If you do this consistently your readership and traffic to your blog will grow over a period of time. Readers like contrast in what they read regularly. If you continue to write good, solid, well written posts about information that will be of value to them, they will stick with you. Be a resource before you are a vendor and you will have readers and clients forever.

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