$7 Reports For Better Mailing Lists And Online Empire Building

by Kevin Riley - Date: 2007-04-30 - Word Count: 482 Share This!

In any business, your most valuable asset is your customer list. Online, this translates to your mailing list.

There's good reason for the popular saying, "The money's in the list!" But, is it always true?

It depends upon how you grow your mailing list.

What's The Danger Of Giveaways?

Unfortunately, if you build a huge list by giving away free reports, free software, free videos, you'll end up with a huge list of freebie-seekers. There is no money in this list, because most of the members will never buy a single item. These people become used to getting information for free, and they will balk at the idea of actually paying for it.

How Do You Build A Responsive List?

The good news is, if you build a list of buyers -- people who have actually pulled out their credit card and spent money with you -- you'll have a high-quality mailing list of paying customers. They've bought off you once, and they'll most likely buy from you again. Some of them will buy from you over and over. You'll have a highly responsive list -- one that puts money in your bank account.

How Do You Get These Great Customers?

Obviously, when people meet you for the very first time, they are going to be quite hesitant to send you $47 for an e-book -- let alone $197 for your home study course. They don't know you, don't know your products, and don't know if they'll get their money's worth. In this case, the price becomes a huge barrier to a sale.

So, offer a product that is easy to buy -- a product without a price barrier. Something that gives a sample of your work, without giving it away for free. Sell them a $7 report.

See, the fact is, $7 is ideal. Not too high -- not too low. Since it's only the price of 2 Big Macs, most people won't be deterred by the cost. And, since it's not free, it does call for a small amount of commitment on the part of the buyer.

Are $7 Reports Easy To Create?

Since a $7 report only needs to target one problem or technique, it is much easier to write. Simply find a problem in your niche market, and write 10-30 pages that spell out a solution. Think of your report as one chapter in an e-book.

Most reports can be written in an afternoon.

Can You Build An Empire With $7 Reports?

OK, now listen closely. The best way to build an empire is to start low and build up to high. Starting with your $7 reports, you will build a responsive list of customers who are ready to buy your future products. Once they have a taste of your expertise, style of writing, customer service, they'll be much more willing to spend money on your higher-priced products.

You'll be able to build a back-end of e-books, videos, audio interviews, home study courses -- and build your own money-making infopreneur empire.

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Kevin Riley is the Mission Leader at Mission: Make Money Online and Product Creation Labs. For a great step-by-step plan that leads you through building your infopreneur business empire, get your hands on his popular "Recipe For Success With $7 Secrets" at http://www.recipefor7dollarsuccess.com

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