Silent Profit Machine - An Honest Review

by Eric Vladir - Date: 2007-04-24 - Word Count: 558 Share This!

If you pay attention to the internet marketing world, by now you've probably heard of Alok Jain's "Silent Profit Machine". I must admit it's a new spin on the affiliate marketing model and intrigued me enough to give him a shot.

After giving him my name and email address, I got the download link for his free 16 page report on how Silent Profit Machine works. Just so you understand what you're getting into when you sign up, here's a point by point analysis of the claims he makes on his squeeze page.

The system is absolutely Free. You are not required to spend a penny, now or later!

TRUE - He does try to get you to buy a $7 ebook he wrote on the upsell page that you're redirected to after signing up, but there's no requirement to spend any money to use his idea.
It's not something you have ever seen or heard of before.

TRUE - I have been internet marketing for the last six years and this is the first time I have seen someone offering this information.
You can get started right away.

TRUE - Five minutes after downloading the information I was using it.
You don't need a website or a list to use the system.

TRUE but the information is most useful to someone who already has a website, a list, or another place to generate traffic from. You need to send traffic (any kind of traffic) to a certain website address he gives you so you'll do best if you have a ready and waiting source of traffic to send.
Using this system, you will lock for yourself a steady stream of long term profits.

FALSE - I don't want to steal his thunder (or violate his copyright) by telling you exactly how the system works, but you will only receive profits from each visitor for a year after they sign up. If you continue to send him a lot of traffic, this could be true, but realize this one year expiration period does exist.
It's a very simple system. Anyone, even without any computer or technical knowledge, can get started right away.

TRUE - You're just driving traffic to a specially formatted website address.
All you have to do is refer people to this Free Report. And the system takes care of the rest.

TRUE - When I joined the system was a little clumsy to implement but he's since added some nice administration functionality so that's not a concern anymore.
The Free Report will also teach you five cool tricks to generate referrals & increase your income at your own will.

FALSE - You do get the "cool tricks" but they're nothing new or special and won't give you any real advantage in profiting from the system or allow you to "increase your income at your own will" through their use.
I do all the work. You just sit back, relax & watch the cash pile up..

TRUE - He does do all the work and I have made $195 from his system since I signed up a week ago. I can't speak to the long term viability of what he's doing but it looks like a winner now.

So, out of the 9 claims he makes on his website, 6 are verified true, 1 is true with a caveat, and 2 are false but not outright lies.

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Overall, I think Silent Profit Machine is definitely worth a look. It's been working for me and, especially if you have a solid source of traffic available to send his way, it could work for you too.

Get the free report here

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