List Building - How to Structure Your Email Campaign

by Sean Mize - Date: 2007-01-24 - Word Count: 414 Share This!

How you structure your email campaign is critical to the level of income you will make from your email campaign.

You may have read things in the past about how you should send only content and free gifts the first 4-7 emails, and then add promotional emails after that. I want to debunk that theory right now. It may work for some people, but I have found that I make far more money of I start sending out sales pieces earlier in the game. Now, my results might be skewed because the bulk of the people who subscribe to my email list are either referred to me by someone they trust, or they have read one or more of my articles, and already trust me some. So my average subscriber is a little different than the subscriber that comes to you from a pay per click campaign.

So I am going to give you my own formula for structuring an email campaign. It is probably quite different from anything you have ever seen before, because I developed it myself, and have never, to the best of my knowledge, seen something just like it.

I developed this after stringent testing on my list, after realizing that the long-term open rate of emails is between 20% and 30%, and that that rate is reached early in the email sequence, and that if I wait until after the 4th-7th email to start sending promotional emails, my open rate is 1/3 of what it could have been at the beginning, and, all things being equal, my sales will also be 1/3 of what they could have been if I sold earlier.

So this is what I do:

1) Welcome email. This includes a link to the promised product, and can also include a link to a free bonus product.

2) A free gift email - just include a link to another free item.

3) A content email - strong, useful content

4) A sales email - a link to a product you or someone else is selling

5) A free gift email - another free gift

6) A sales email - directing them to another of your products, or an affiliate product (different than the first sales email offer)

7) A content email

I also send out sales letter broadcasts most weekdays, so many times they are receiving two emails that day, one is the email in the autoresponder sequence, the other is the broadcast. This method works very well for me, and is currently netting me around $2 per month per subscriber in revenue.

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