List Building: You Can Build Your List Around Any Business

by Tellman Knudson - Date: 2007-01-05 - Word Count: 318 Share This!

People often ask me, "How relevant is your list building instruction for professionals who sell our own services throughout the U.S.?" Well, that's easy. Nothing illustrates better than a concrete example.

Fitness expert Kyle Battis can tell you that he's pretty well-known as a fitness professional nationally. But since he took his business online, he's working with some of the top fitness professionals all over the country and all over the world on a daily basis.

"I talked to three of the top names in the industry today, and I have everyone's number programmed into my cell phone," he said. That recognition, just being involved with some of these top experts, is making me an expert by default or association. That has been great, because I am getting a flood of new business for my own private coaching services and products that I have, just by being associated with some of these bigger names."

All of that has come about via the Internet and the two websites that Kyle has. List building in your field can definitely help your offline business. It's just another way to market to more people that can really help explode your new business and give you some opportunities to take advantage of.

Another instance of this mechanism would be list building around your different specialties. If you're a chiropractor, let's say, you may have treatments for low-back pain, neck pain, etc. Since people with neck problems probably won't be interested in buying something supposed to help people with back problems, can you see the benefit of having a separate list? You can sell treatments to people for particular problems, right?

List building is something you can use, whether you do most of your business online or offline. Any business needs a client list, and building that online as well as off is a pretty good idea. Use the Internet to move ahead. How can you go wrong?

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