3 Killer List Building Techniques to Get More Subscribers Immediately

by Brian Lam - Date: 2007-04-29 - Word Count: 545 Share This!

Many ezine publishers have been trying to get more opt-ins by testing many different methods, and if you are one of them just think of how many times you have to test each and every single bit of detail just to get those little results.

However, there are also some tried and tested techniques that many ezine publishers are getting proven results in getting more sign ups to their ezines. Firstly, you will need to make a few changes to your ezine to get more subscribers.

There are three techniques to get more email addresses into building your list which you can immediately apply to your online business without doing a major facelift of your website.

1) Compelling name for your ezine

For any subscriber to really get attracted to your ezine list, you will need to get their attention when they first visit your website. But to do that would be require some clever ideas from your part.

As this will require you to come up with a catchy name for your ezine so that the subscribers can easily recall your ezine without much effort to search through their past activities to see if they really do subscribed to your ezine.

For example, a catchy name which is also descriptive for a website related to building great marriages might be "Marriage Builders". At once, your subscribers will be able to understand what your ezine is all about just basing on the name alone.

So this helps your potential subscribers to understand whether the content will be relevant to their needs. In this way, your subscribers would not hesitate and sign up immediately for your ezine. Thus, you will need to come up with a catchy yet descriptive name for your ezine.

2) Show your ezine back-issues

Now you would really want to get in touch with your subscribers, so it is recommended that you show a few past issues of your ezine to your potential subscribers.

This is to show them what kind of content is really inside the ezine and they are also able to gauge whether your writing style suits them.

With a real feel of what they can expect, this will really bring up the quality of your subscribers if they are really interested in what you are providing and recognize that it is of value to them. They will definitely stay on your list for much longer.

3) Make your ezine ad standout

How to increase your subscription rate if you do any promotions of any sort? Well, all you do is to make you ezine ad standout from the rest of the ads.

Here is the part where you will really need to think of how to take advantage of where your ad will be advertised. There are many different ways to make your ad outstanding.

For example, you can always use some CAPITALIZED words to catch the attention of potential subscribers or use symbols such as these "?^&*%#$~!" to add a little creativity to answering your main benefit from your ad.

By following these three techniques, you should be able to boost your sign up rates in no time as all these have been tested by many many publishers. So try to work them into your current or new ezine that you are going to publish and I am sure you will seeing results soon.

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