Getting Pregnant After A Miscarriage - What You Need To Know

by PJ Wahl - Date: 2010-08-22 - Word Count: 291 Share This!

After going to the traumatic experience of a miscarriage, woman will usually ask themselves is it OK to try and get pregnant after a miscarriage. Generally a miscarriage is usually a sign that the woman's reproductive system is in good working condition and that the next time a healthy baby will result.

However, a second miscarriage followed by a third, or a miscarriage after a long period of infertility may be a sign that all is not well and that tests may be needed.

There is still a great deal of mystery surrounding what causes miscarriages. A lot of research is still on-going and because of this when we go looking for answers as to why it happened the answers we receive usually are accompanied with "it could be this" or "it may be because of this". These answers can be very disheartening and may lead to couples being wary of trying again. Couples shouldn't feel this way, they should look at the positives and think that there should be no reason why they can't be successful next time.

There are many things a woman can do to increase her chances of conceiving and bringing a healthy baby to term. Even if she has suffered the disappointment of miscarriage(s) previously. There are a myriad of factors that could have contributed to the miscarriage, these include hormonal irregularities, genetic causes, immune system problems, infections, anatomical problems, environmental influences, injuries, stress and diet.

Any of these factors could have contributed to the miscarriage. More than one in five pregnancies end in miscarriage. Just because this has happened to you does not mean that there is anything wrong with you or your partner. The majority of women who've had a miscarriage have gone on the have healthy babies.

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