Know What Happens During the Different Stages of Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is one of the most wonderful experiences that women can go through in their life. However, most women who are pregnant for the first time are unaware of the many different stages of pregnancy and they have to go through. Some women will categorized their pregnancy based on morning sickness and other problems that they experience and they refer to this as phases of the pregnancy. In actuality there are three stages to a pregnancy.


The first stage of pregnancy is referred to as the first trimester. This first stage of a pregnancy extends to about fourteen weeks. Some doctors will argue that it is the first thirteen but most will agree that fourteen weeks is the beginning of the next stage. It is during the first trimester that women begin to notice differences in their body. Some women will experience morning sickness during this stage, some more than others. It is the common misconception that morning sickness only happens in the morning but if you were to ask women who has experienced morning sickness, they will tell you that it can happen at any time. During this stage that you will also begin to notice that your breasts becoming more tender and sore and some women report that they noticed an increase in the size of their breasts at this time.  At the end of the first trimester, your baby will be about two inches in length.


The second stage of pregnancy, the second trimester, begins after the first three and half months of pregnancy. This stage of the pregnancy will last about another three months. It is during this phase that there is an extensive amount of growth in the fetus or baby. Many people will say that the first stage of pregnancy is the most important but the second stage is just as important because this is when your baby grows and develops the most. It is during this stage that you will begin to show. You will find that none of your clothes fit anymore and you now have to turn to those dreaded maternity clothes. At the end of this stage the baby will be almost fourteen inches in length.


The third and final trimester begins around month six of the pregnancy and continues until the baby is born. The belly continues to grow and get bigger and bigger. During this stage women begin to complain of increased back pain and the general feeling of being uncomfortable. Women in this stage of the pregnancy tend to be more emotional about the arrival of the baby and sometimes about things in general. Women have reported that they were tense and testy during this stage, while others reported they cried a lot during this time. This does not happen to all women at this stage. For most women there is an increase the amount of worrying that occurs. At the end of this stage, the baby should be between eighteen and twenty-two inches in length and should weigh close to eight pounds, which is the size of the average baby.

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