How To Write Content That Gets You Followers

by Joe Fuller - Date: 2010-09-12 - Word Count: 233 Share This!

1 You must help people. Your content basically needs to either give step by step methods or increases their understanding of something which is useful to them. Remember that you may have a majority of non-buyers at your site or on your list but they could very well tell others about your content.

2 Put the customer and subscriber centre stage. Too much content about yourself or your product is a turn-off. If they're interested enough in what you have to say, they'll be curious about you later on. At the moment they only care about themselves. So, give information your readers will find useful as stuff they want or need.

3 Be your unique self. If you read like everybody else or your product is like others, why should people look to you for particular information or help? Make your presence on the web unique in some way. Your customers and subscribers want to deal with real people with foibles and quirks, like everybody else, but also with professionalism.

4 Be conversational. People won't be reading your content passively. They're looking for something, some sort of solution, even if it's just something to catch their interest. You want a response inside their heads which could develop into a practical response to you and your products. So, make sure your title can catch the eye and fits to some kind of problem solving in some way.

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