Rewriting Other Authors' Online Articles and Why You Should Not Waste Your Time

by Lance Winslow - Date: 2007-01-25 - Word Count: 332 Share This!

So often in the online article marketing venue we find folks rewriting other authors articles and really pressing the limits of plagiarism. In fact in the strict definitional sense of the word; Plagiarism, they are breaking the law. But on the Internet there is so much of it going on, that it is almost impossible to stop it.

In fact I have watched people copy my articles and then some copy their articles and then a reader tell me that I copied one of theirs? They copied me, how outrageous is that BS? Yes, I guess you can see I am irked by all this rewriting and copying stuff and although for the most part I blow it off as water under the bridge, still it takes a toll or hit on the creative genius psyche.

Additionally, I can tell you that when I re-write what I personally have written the prior, let's say from an email conversation I had, that in fact it takes longer to do so than if I had composed it from scratch. When I do this to capture a thought from an email, the article, well, it just never seems to come out right or perfect. It is difficult to re-write even your own works much less anyone else's I suppose.

So, it seems perhaps these plagiarizers are wasting their time and spinning their wheels. Even if they can justify stealing, cheating, lying and dodging justice in the no-ethic game of their miserable plagiarism; still they are wasting their time. Good and it serves them right.

The real problem is that there is more cheating going on as the population increases. And the Internet just makes it more visible than ever before. Humans have always copied each other and it is an innate tendency but that does not make it okay to steal. In fact the Internet and Search Engines have made it much easier to visibly see the plagiarism in real time. Perhaps you might consider all this in 2007.

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Lance Winslow, a retired entrepreneur, adventurer, modern day philosopher and perpetual tourist.

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