How To Get High Exposure On Your Articles

by C. Geldof - Date: 2010-06-09 - Word Count: 484 Share This!

The dream of every article writer who uses his or her articles for website promotion and traffic generation is to see that his articles have a huge number of page views and are causing people to subscribe to their lists, buy their products and services or plainly call their phones for enquiries and sales. This is often not easy as many people have no idea of using other avenues to harness as many options as possible for their marketing promotions. There are various ways to get your articles all over the place and increase your readership and one of them is the use of Groups.

Harness the Goldmine of Groups: Ever heard of Yahoo Groups, Google Groups or MSN groups? These groups are extremely vital in your marketing with articles. These groups are like a hub of people interested in about the same things as you want to write on. There are lots of groups on all of these places; ranging from arcane things like animal watching and gazing to rocket science. To use this medium, all you need to do is craft a well written article and get in touch with the group moderator.

These are the people -usually one or two- who started the group and makes sure the group is continually weeded of spam, unrelated and unnecessary posts. Then tell them of your article and let them see that your article would help them and their subscribers. Note that there should be no selling whatsoever. What you want to do is get them to read your articles and visit your website. Most of the time, members of these groups will listen to the moderator because they trust his or her opinions. Let me warn here that most of these moderators are either experienced or very adept at the topics they started a group for. If for instance, you are going to write an article on ADHD, you would have to ensure that the article is so well researched that even the moderator would be impressed.

After you have written the articles, don't just leave one byline. At the end of the article, include links to at least four articles on the same topic so they can go ahead and read those articles too. The idea here is to get your feet in once and keep it there and this you can do by getting them to read as many articles as possible. Now think of the numbers here. If you send your offer to about 50 moderators, about 10 minimum will take you up on your offer. Most groups have members ranging from two hundred to one hundred thousand. This means that potentially, you could have between two thousand and one million members of these groups reading your articles and therefore increasing your readership. So, use this avenue as much as possible and you would have a huge number of people reading your articles.

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