Choosing The Websites To Publish Your Articles

by Alex Smartson - Date: 2010-05-31 - Word Count: 398 Share This!

Since it takes hours to write a good article, take a good care of your creation when it is finished. There is a law, once you write your original article, only you are its copy-righter. Do not ignore the fact that you are an owner of things that you created by yourself. When your articles finished - they are like grown kids - they will live without you. Be sure do not leave them without a proper protection. Re-read your articles after posting - some improvements may be needed. Tracking your articles once they published is important.

Always keep record of your posted articles. To make it easy use a bookmark feature of your web browser or special software to organize all links to your articles. Some software allow you to check article's visibility though different search engines, such as, Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

Do not post your articles on the websites that do not respect copyright law. They may use some "terms of agreement" that are actually illegal. Any "improvements by community" to your articles should be made only with your permission. Remember, unauthorized adding co-authors is one of the ways to steal your content.

If you are a Technical Writer at some dot-com, your company expects you to provide an article with their link. It is okay if the link is helpful to readers of your articles. On the other hand, this is how normally a business works - a hard work writing get rewarded by attracting more customers.

You may choose to allow other websites to re-print your articles if they preserve original content and author name. If keeping your links is important, they should not trick you with "nofollow" attribute or OnClick link redirect. In a free market, consumers should have a freedom to choose between an organic search and paid search. If the income of some article-publishing websites generated by Google ads it is okay. However, it is not okay when they delete/disable your links, insert too many other links, or modify your articles without your permission.

Do not send your articles without proper research of the websites you are sending to. Look at Google search what other people saying about a particular website, read reviews. Be caution, do not allow dishonest people to distort your copyrighted content and generate their income by using your hard work. Publish your articles only on the websites that you are sure they can be trusted.

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