How to Write Articles on the Right Topic

by Peter Nisbet - Date: 2007-01-09 - Word Count: 458 Share This!

Most beginners at writing have a problem deciding how to write articles on the right topic. They wonder and wonder what to write on. Even if they consider themselves to be great writers, their biggest problem is what subject to write on.

Experts on the most outlandish subjects still have difficulty in starting. They don't believe that anyone could be interested on lighthouses, so they try to think of something else. Anything, as long as it attracts more readers than their article on lighthouses could.

Let's assume that you know all there is to know about American lighthouses. I have only chosen lighthouses since I heard an MP3 audio version of a seminar about succeeding in marketing niches, and American lighthouses was one of the niches featured. It appeals to me now because it is not something that the average person would write about unless they were an expert, and that exemplifies exactly the point I am trying to make.

Why do budding writers feel that they must write about popular subjects? What is wrong with their own speciality? If you have a website on American lighthouses, why don't you write articles on the right topic for you, lighthouses? If you don't think that many people will want to read articles about lighthouses, why have a website on them?

The right topic for you is the subject of your website. Consider why you are writing your article. If it is not to put on your own website or to sell, it is for only one other reason. For submission to article directories. This does two things for you. It either generates backlinks to your site when other people copy your article to their website, or it attracts visitors by persuading them to click on the link in your resource box. In either case, the reader has accessed your article because they are interested in the subject of lighthouses. You will get visitors to your site only if it is connected with lighthouses.

If you write an article directed to a specific page on your website, even better. You get more credit from search engines from links back to a page deep within your site than to your home page.

You won't get any visitors if you write about cat baskets and then offer them a link to a lighthouse site. You won't get any credit for backlinks to your lighthouse site from a site devoted to cat care that has copied your cat basket article to their site.

If you are still wondering how to write articles on the right topic, have a look at the subject of your own website. No matter what it is, that is the right topic, and you must write your articles on that topic.

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