The Brahman of Web Marketing I

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The Brahman of Web Marketing I

There are seven main strategies of Web Marketing.

They are

1) Article Submission to the Article Directories
2) Submitting the Site to the Search Engines
3) Ezine Promotion
4) Ezine Ads
5) Participating in Forums, Blogs, Discussion Lists
6) Signature File
7) Create A Weblog or Blog

These sevenfold strategies can be termed as the Brahman of Web Marketing,
( Brahman being a term for the Ultimate Reality ).

Article Submission

This is known as the Pull Strategy of Viral Marketing.

Write an article, with a resource box which contains your dot com,
your mobile no etc. You have to submit it to article directories.

It is said that the pen is mightier than the sword. That statement cannot be
truer on the Web, which is a written medium.

If you submit your article to the article directories, readers and
publishers ( Webmasters, ezine publishers, ebook publishers ) visit the
directories for content & they will download your articles & publish
them. You get free publicity & exposure. People click on the hyperlinks
and lo ! they have come to your site. This is called Article Marketing,
which is another synonym for Viral Marketing.

You can compile your articles into an ebook and give them away. The ebook
should contains your site's hyperlinks. Readers will click on your links &
visit your site.

Remember, Traffic is Internet Gold. Without traffic, you cannot succeed. You
have to bring people to the site and then only can you market.

Take up the pen, write and submit content to Article Directories. This is
the age of the Article Directories and there are more than 500 of them. You
can access the Article Directories List at

Writing an article is not difficult. You can get the content from books
which deal with the subject. Or you can get content from the search engines.
For example, go to Yahoo or Google and type the subject. In my case, the
subject is Astrology and when I type Astrology, many astro sites open up.
You can get articles on Astrology, study the subject and write about it.

Submitting it to Article Directories is not difficult either. Here is a
small list

This is a small list. If you want a bigger list, pls click

You can sign up for a Free Account at one Article Directory. They will
send you an Activation Link and once you click that, you have become
their member and you can submit your articles to that directory. The Admin
will approve your articles, content publishers will download your
articles and publish them on their ezines or websites ! Your articles
should have a byline, a bio or Resource Box, which points to your site.
Readers read these articles and click on your website link and you get
solid traffic !

Submitting the Site to the Search Engines

This is known as the Push Strategy of Viral Marketing.

This is submitting your url to the search engines. Also your press release
to the sites which accept press release.

I use, ( ) which submits the url to the major 14
search engines free. Also Submit Plus, ( ) which submits
to 110 search engines free. Also ,
which submits urls to 34 SEs !

You can write a press release and submit to PRWeb. There are many sites
which accept free Press release.

You can submit a Free Press Release at

( To be continued )

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