Rewriting or Plagiarism; Where Do We Draw the Line?

by Lance Winslow - Date: 2007-01-25 - Word Count: 300 Share This!

Not long ago our Online Think Tank had discussed why so much plagiarism was going on in the research science area and the answer shocked us really. You see it is a product of society, where kids at early ages borrow other people's work and use it as their own for reports in school. Fast forward to the present Internet and we see online article authors often plagiarizing other people's works although they say that they are re-writing them, as an excuse?

Okay, so what is the difference between rewriting and stealing which is what plagiarism is right? It is stealing. On a major online article submission website recently the online authors were discussing this issue and I must say; Wow reading all that was quite fun. Indeed, let me tell you how the author being ripped off feels.

I have had my work stolen more times than I can count. My articles have been completely plagiarized, partially plagiarized and outright stolen and they have been re-written as well; in many cases over and over again. I wonder if people are not now copying other people who copied me and not even knowing it; A copy of a copy of a copy of my original thought, article or work?

It is not right for folks to do this without citing where they got it or mentioning that and then the plagiarizing authors go and post them and cut into traffic that was earned the hard way. The only saving grace for me in my case is that I am writing articles to make people think and the more people who talk about the subjects and topics I write about the better. But in reality, it still makes me somewhat upset that folks do this. I hope this article will propel thought in 2007.

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Lance Winslow, a retired entrepreneur, adventurer, modern day philosopher and perpetual tourist.

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