Writing Good Articles: How And Why Of Good Article Writing

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Article writing is quickly becoming one of the most sought after services on the Internet. Blog owners and article directory sites are constantly on the look out for fresh quality articles to add. To the article writer the benefits are obvious, whether your goal is to increase the exposure and quality traffic of your website, make a few extra dollars, or to establish a full time career as a writer, the Internet is over flowing with opportunity. The better a writer is at providing quality content with good article SEO practices, the more successful they will be at both website backlink building and income generation.
Quality Content: The Path to Quality Article Writing
Quality article writing is largely dependent on two things, writing style and quality content. Regardless of whether you have followed the best planning method, or you have the most elegant article writing style, without quality content the article is not going to be very successful. Choosing an interesting topic and researching it thoroughly is critical to ensuring creative success.
A few of the things that need to happen before publishing an article are:
Pick an interesting topic
Research the topic thoroughly, taking notes on key points of interest on the topic.
Create an outline for the article
Use Titles and headers effectively
Write a rough draft
Write the article to be published using the information obtained from the steps above.
When you combine the process of including your targeted keywords in a natural way, using tasteful style, and the steps listed above, you are ensured to produce an article that will generate more natural inlinking to your targeted website and a larger possibility of lucrative income from article writing. In both cases you will be maximizing your exposure and providing a better service to the Internet community. An endeavor that is looked favorably upon by all.
SEO Technique
When we write articles for publication to the Internet it is usually to gain some kind of credit, most of the time in the form of backlinks and incoming traffic for a blog or website. Since this is often the case, good SEO practices are crucial to the success of an article. When search engine optimization is the topic the normal things that come to mind are keywords, meta tags, quality content, title, and anchor text just to name a few. The truth of the matter is that when you are writing articles a large part of actual search engine optimization is not relevant. In fact the best methods to use in order to optimize your article for search engines is to choose 3-8 choice keywords adding them naturally into the body of your text. Many writers make the mistake of attempting to over stuff their articles with their most desired keywords. Many search engines will actually give less credit to these types of articles. The resulting help for your website, or the website of those you are writing for, will be less impactful if not actually harmful.
Some proper techniques in adding good SEO to your article are:
Choose a limited number of keywords, usually between 3 and 8 keywords.
Use your keywords sparingly and in a natural way. Do not overstuff your article with keywords.
Titles and subtitles should include one or two of your keywords
Use H1 and H2 heading tags for your titles and subtitles.
Highlight some of your keywords using bold or strong tags.
Be sure to provide quality content presented in an articulate and useful manner.
Linking to your sites in the article is bad form and not allowed in major article directories.
Make full use of your signature box, use appropriate anchor text in your link(s).
Provide information in your signature box that is inviting so readers will more likely follow your link.
Using excellent SEO practices will help to ensure that your article writing endeavors will be beneficial regardless your end goal. If you are writing for income then those that read your previous articles will see the above average value they posses and be willing to increase the amount they offer for your services, and those that write for benefit of their targeted website will see an increase in long term quality backlinks which will go a long way to improving the web site's search engine ranking, easily the largest source of almost any web site's incoming traffic.

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