Why Your Article Resource Box Is Important

by Morten Olander - Date: 2007-01-21 - Word Count: 389 Share This!

So what really is a resource box? Well, it's a short bio of the author you find at the bottom of an article. It usually includes the name of the author, their expertise, and a link to their website. Here's why a resource box is so important to your success. For example, let's assume you write up an article on internet marketing. At the bottom of your article in the resource box, you insert the url of your site, urging readers to click through to your site for further info.

Because of your little bio, many readers who find your article interesting, click on the link and visit your site. Once there, they may either sign up for your ezine, click on one of your Adsense ads, or maybe even buy one of your products! And all because of your resource box!

Ok, now that you know the benefit of including a bio in your article, you need to be able to create a powerful one that'll entice visitors to click-through to your site. In order to do this effectively, first think about your USP (unique sales proposition). For instance, if your traffic exchange site is the only kind out there that offers a service exclusively for blogs, go ahead and mention it.

Eg: www.nameofsite.com is the only traffic exchange out there that caters exclusively for blogs.

Next, you might want to create an irresistibly free offer to further entice your readers to visit your website.

Eg: Join FREE and get a fabulous, one-of-a-kind pack of internet marketing goodies!

Another good tip is to use targeted keywords that are related to your site. Readers will then immediately know what's in store for them when they click on the link to your site.

This way, your resource box will easily be able to help drive a ton of targeted traffic to your site.

So never ever underestimate the awesome power of your resource box. Sure, it may be somewhat small in size, but it does provide substantial and significant aid in driving a swarm of traffic to your website. Remember, a boring and unexciting bio is not going to produce results. Your copy needs to be creative and compelling. I just can't stress this enough!

The next time you've got to write out your resource box, keep the above tips in mind and you won't go wrong! Good Luck!

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