Chinese Floral Prints - a Touch of Asian Charm in Your Home

by Edwin Mah - Date: 2008-06-16 - Word Count: 397 Share This!

Finding suitable decorative art work for your wall can be a challenging task. There are just so many different styles of art you can choose from. Should you pick prints of scenery, portraits, or botanical art? How about vintage posters? Or maybe you should just try abstract art - even then, there are so many different styles of abstract art. Which should you choose? With such a wide variety of art to choose from, turning your house into a dream home can be a very time consuming process.


Have you ever considered having Asian styled art in your home, specifically Chinese floral prints? Chinese floral prints don't stand out so much and also lend an elegant and oriental charm to your home. An abstract picture of a lotus floating on a pond or perhaps a beautiful painting of a bamboo forest certainly is an interesting and pleasant addition to your decorative collection.


Most Chinese floral prints are pastel colored, so they won't make a bold and unsightly statement in your house. Pictures of Asian flowers also promote a sense of calm and relaxation when looked upon, and will be nice to look at as you relax on your sofa after a long day's work. Be brave to experiment. Your home doesn't have to be Asian themed before you can display Asian art. Chinese floral prints will match very well in decorative styles ranging from modern minimalist to the traditional classic. A little creativity and imagination can go a long way in blending Chinese floral prints into almost any kind of environment.


Asian flowers carry different symbolic meanings. For example, peach flowers blossoming in spring represent beauty in women. Lotus and orchid represent elegance and high virtues. Lilac represents modesty, which is one of the highest virtues valued by the Chinese. Having a little knowledge of the paintings will definitely give you something to talk about with your visitors. Impress your guests as you share your knowledge of the art work.


Accompany your Chinese floral prints with similarly themed decorative elements. Pick a few Asian antiques from your favorite art and craft shop and place them close to the art piece. This helps to create interest and balance, as well as help tell a story. Choice items you can use are small statues, candles, flowers, or wood carvings. Don't forget to bring attention to the art prints with the use of creative lighting.

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