Tips For Changing The Basement Apartment Into The Cheerful Place

by Tom S. Marcus - Date: 2010-10-13 - Word Count: 334 Share This!

A basement apartment is identical with a dark place that usually could not offer the feeling at home. It might give you the elegant theme in a dark. On the other hand, it must be difficult to find the cheerful situation in your basement. There are some smart tips for you to create a creative decoration that would be really effective to replace the darkness in your basement into the cheerful one. Check the tips below and get the great benefits for your apartment.

Step 1

Start to think about the great theme of the decoration you would apply to the basement. Try to not thinking about some useless things such as the windowless and horrible spaces in the apartment. You only need to create the great idea such as changing the underground burrow with your lovely cartoon character or football club.

Step 2

Add the perfect lighting in your lovely basement. It would be really great if you have a window to contribute the natural light. You could place a mirror to catch a little light that might come from the window. The light must be multiplied by the mirror and then the perfect light would fill your room. Also, apply a plenty of extra lighting to cheer you in the night instead of the sun lamp.

Step 3

Choose the warm and light color for the drapes, furniture, and walls in your basement. Adding the warmth in the basement is the great idea to eliminate the scary feeling in the basement. You could cover the ugly basement carpeting with attractive rugs to cheer the room. Also, the applying the candles in the basement would be the wonderful idea to add the light and warmth in your apartment.

Step 4

The sleek furniture has a great power to change your dark basement into the comfortable place. It would transform the sensation of cheerful room in your apartment. Moreover, you could add the elements of nature in the basement. Keep the fresh air with houseplants would be the great tip for you.

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