Stage Lights

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A live performance is considered the ultimate head rush for many. An act before a crowd leaves no room for error and this prompts an immaculate presentation. Stage lights are installed in the best interests of the performers rather than an audience. These lights are extremely bright in most acts, as they are required to radiate performers' facial expressions. Strategic placement of stage lights provides visibility of performers' expressions even to audiences seated on the last row. Stage lights are available in varying wattage based upon the stage requirements. Apart from being set on center stage, they are often placed at the side wings, and even at special points where the audience is seated.

Stage lights are available in various colors. Apart from regular lights, these colored varieties are used to create special effects. Different stage lights are used during different scenes. Different color lights on stage bring out different emotions, colors like red are used to bring out love and despair, whereas yellow lights are used to go back into memory lane. Most stage lights are very powerful. They can hurt actors' eyes and cause a burning sensation, as artists are often laden with elaborate make up. This requires adequate practice sessions under stage lights in order to be able to cope with the glare of stage lights. Very often stage lights are installed on the sides of the stage flooring. These lights are directed upwards to light the body movements of the actors and the apparel of performers. Lights suspended or fixed above the actors heads help light the stage.

Directors also place stage lights on the side screens when they need to light up a particular area or object on stage. Along with stage lights, lighting in an auditorium is controlled for the audience to realize the special effects. The need for stage lights varies based up on the nature of the play, opera, or musical.

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