Candles: Elegant and Popular

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Walk into any home these days and if there is an aroma in the air relating to fruit, apple cinnamon, vanilla, strawberry or lemon, chances are the inviting, delicious smell is not coming from the kitchen or oven. It could be and most likely is coming from some other room or rooms in the house. Yes, probably from a candle.

Home fragrances, aromatherapy and TV shows on design and homemaking, to name a few influences, have made candles more popular that ever before. With the replacement of regular candle wax with natural soy wax, candles are burning cleaner, cooler and more efficiently.

Candles are used all the time now, rather than only on holidays or special occasions. They have come a long way through History, from when they were used as a necessity for light, to the present day, as decorative accents and complimenting the home atmosphere.

Some of the best soy candles today are blended with essential oils when they are being made. Incorporating a natural cotton wick, rather than the traditional leaded wicks, these candles are definitely more eco friendly than any others on the market and the aromas emitted from them can create a romantic and relaxing mood.

Keeping ecology and the natural, aromatic essential oils in mind, the days of the aerosol cans with the perfumed spray should be close to over. The deodorizers that plug into a wall socket are a pretty good idea, but they will never replace the ambiance and romantic décor of a candle.

Displayed in any type or fashion of candleholder, a candle can add a flair and personality to any niche in your home. There have been books, articles and television shows about the subject of decorating with candles, so the creative decorating ideas you may have are limitless.

Wrought iron candleholders are unique in themselves. Depending on the display in your home, they can appear as rustic or as modern as your imagination can be. Since wrought iron is basically black in color, when incorporated in any design theme, these candleholders can appear as prominent or unobtrusive as you like. In retrospect, the main focus in these displays would be the candles themselves.

Come to think of it, a burning candle draws attention to itself even in a clear glass hurricane lamp, votive holder, sconces, jars and vases. It is difficult sometimes to think of a decorative item as useful and unique as a candle.

This author could go on forever about candles, however, last but not least we should consider safety for a moment. A burning candle should never be left unattended. Only use them in a safe place, away from any combustibles. Keep the wick trimmed to about a quarter of an inch, because a candle will burn cleaner with a lower flame

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