Flat Roof Skylights

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Flat Roof Skylights: Be Your Neighbor's Envy

The trick to creating the feel of spaciousness and adding life, cheer and value to your home is by illuminating it properly. A skylight on the ceiling allows significantly more light into the room than a vertical window. However, one needs to make sure that the right type of skylight is teamed with the specific roof type. For instance, flat roof skylights will be designed differently from those for sloped roofs. Installation without considering these factors can cause problems in the future.

Flat Roof Skylights: Facts

Skylights meant for flat roofs are generally domed in order to promote drainage. Flat roofs are vulnerable to drainage problems. If flat skylights are installed on these roofs, water pooling is sure to occur. Keeping this in mind, experts suggest the use of dome skylights for such roof types. If one is using a flat profile skylight, make sure that it is pitched at the minimum of one inch per foot of the skylight's width.

It is also important to ensure that the skylight, with its minimum pitch established by the manufacturer, is appropriate for flat roofs. At times, a skylight may not be intended for low-pitch roofs or might be used only after adding some significant slope. One can easily find this in the skylight literature. If the drainage mechanism in the skylight is not designed for low pitch, it will fail soon. Therefore, it is crucial to judge the suitability of this home enhancement device before installation. For this purpose, it is recommended that one request for the literature or proof from the installer. All the necessary information will be available in the literature.

Flat Roof Skylights: 3 Trendy Options

Flat-roofed homes can face some problems with installations. However, purchasing from a reputed online dealer will give you the advantage of selecting from some of the most conveniently-installed and trendiest designs in the market:

Combination roof lines: For an area that is flat in some places and pitched in others, a combination skylight would be ideal. This can be found with any level of pitch and is ideal for installation in entryways and sunrooms.

Pyramid skylights: For adding depth and dimension, consider a pyramidal skylight. However, these are slightly difficult to install because they need a framing system to surround the sky lighted area.

Tinted glass: This offers an extraordinary appearance. Flat roofs can accommodate colored glass since no pitch is involved and you would not have to concern yourself with the pitch deterring the beauty of the glass.

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