Mix and Match Your Decor for You

by Kathy Burns-Millyard - Date: 2007-01-19 - Word Count: 440 Share This!

Many of us become almost obsessed with decorating styles. We worry about what the current style trends are, and try to do things in our home that match the beautiful pictures we see in home decorating magazines. In the end though, we're often left not quite satisfied with the results... even if we've replicated a particular style exactly.

The same issues crop up when we don't really know much about decorating, and we're limited with the budget. So we select color coordinated towels and sheets at discount department stores, or buy something with a pre-made design that's cute and pretty. These types of decorating items are inexpensive and versatile. They usually come in a variety of colors, patterns, and designs... but they might not quite match our personal preferences completely either.

In essense, you end up with more of a store sales display feeling to your new decorating theme, and no personalization. For any decorating theme to be successful in your home, it needs to have a touch of you in the mix. And sometimes "you" is much more complicated - with varied interests, likes and dislikes - than a ready made decorating theme allows for.

There's nothing wrong with using ready made decorating themes and styles. Or using magazine pictures for inspiration. In fact, these are highly recommended because they're excellent starting places. Once you've chosen your basic style though, and purchased any color coordinates, accents and accessories, then you need to step back and try to consider what's missing for you personally.

Maybe you love the new Southwestern decor style you've created in the family room, but you're an avid collector of wall art made from sea shells. In most cases you won't find sea related designs in a Southwestern theme, but since this is who you are, you should wholeheartedly try and find a way to mix those items into your new decorating theme. This is what makes the entire theme unique, and personalized to you.

What if you've decided to create a Rustic lodge look in your den for instance, but you don't feel complete - or at home maybe - without those dainty victorian lace doilies from your great grandmother... or the porcelain blue and white fancy figurines you've been collecting for years. In a "showroom" style decorating theme, these would never be included because they don't fit the style the designer is supposed to create.

But since this is your home, and your tastes are what count the most, it's perfectly fine to mix and match styles to your liking.

So use the magazines and store displays for inspiration, or even starting places, but be sure to add in a healthy mix of yourself too!

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