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Sleep under the Stars with Texas Skylights

Be it glass, fiberglass or polycarbonate, skylights in Texas are made of cutting edge technology to create quality home enhancement devices that provide maximum benefits. Polycarbonate is the 'greenest' and most preferred skylight option today.

Texas Skylights: Energy Conservation Techniques
Skylight manufacturers in Texas use a number of glazing techniques to enhance the skylight's energy efficiency. Tinted glass absorbs heat and reduces the solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC). SHGC measures the amount of heat that a skylight blocks. The lower the SHGC, the less the heat transmitted into the house. Also, low-emissivity coatings on skylights are a popular way of making skylights energy efficient. The microscopically metallic thin layers spread over skylight panes reduce the U-factor (the quantity of non-solar heat entering the room).

However, the raging popularity of skylights cannot discount the fact that accidents do occur with home improvement devices.

Texas Skylights: Safety Precautions
It is necessary to ensure that you take certain safety precautions when working around or under skylights. One needs to pay extra attention to avoid fall accidents. Reports have it that annually, there are approximately 36 fatal falls and 50 non-fatal ones that occur as a result of falling through skylights. A majority of these cases occur in construction job sites.

To reduce the number of falls through roof openings, the American Architectural Manufacturer's Association (AAMA) provides some safety rules, such as:

* Anyone climbing to the rooftop (especially during construction), must be a professional properly trained in roof safety.
* Uncovered openings are other roof hazards that are culpable for accident occurrences. There must be noticeable warning signs around such areas.

For improved protection, one can consider installing a skylight screen or a railing over the device to break accidental falls. These are available in different models and sizes, and can be clamped over the skylight. Most of these screens are dome-shaped and are made to fit over the various bubble-shaped skylight options. However, there are also flat covers available but they do not allow space for the skylight to open in case they are designed to do so. In comparison to this, railings are a popular option but they might create obstructions for people walking on the roof.

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