Bedspreads are the First Decision When Designing Your Master Bedroom

by Allen Nelson - Date: 2006-12-09 - Word Count: 500 Share This!

Why would you want to start with a Bedspread? The best answer is that there are an almost infinite number of wall paint color choices and hundreds of wallcovering options and you can choose among many, many throw pillow designs and colors. You only have a limited choice in Bedspread designs and because it will be the central focal point of the room you should start there first. Everything else is secondary. Normally we can assume that you already have your bedroom furniture since it would follow the décor chosen throughout the rest of your home.

Let's get started.

The first step is probably the easiest. Should it be Contemporary, Traditional, Modern, Asian, Victorian or whatever? You probably would want the style to continue from the design motif of the rest of your home.

The next step in choosing your Bedspread design is to decide on the style. Among your choices are Comforters, Bedspreads, Quilts, Duvet covers, and Bedspread and Dust Ruffle combinations with or without Pillow Shams, bolsters and throw pillows. They can be an attractive overall design or a beautiful patchwork sewn from individual pieces or they can be a totally custom ordered spread from an Interior Designer.. The design itself can be all solid or a pattern such as a floral or a geometric that appeals to you. When you order your Bedspread you may find that you can even order Draperies to match.

A further very important step would be to decide whether you want a spread that is preshrunk and washable or must be dry cleaned. Obviously the quality and price range are also to be considered. This should give you enough information to make your decision on a purchase of a Bed Covering.

Once you have come this far it is time to think of colors throughout the room. Pick a predominent color from the Bedspread that you have chosen and use that color on the walls or repeat it in other accents for a brighter cheerful room. You can also use it in a subtler or lighter tone for a warmer effect. A third style would be to use the main Bedspread color in the accents and a secondary color from the Bedspread in other ways throughout the room. Usually it would be best not to introduce a color not included in the Bedspread itself but that is never a hard and fast rule. As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you like the effect, then it is good decorating because you only have to please yourself. You are your most important client.

After you have completed the room décor and are still not quite satisfied, you can always add small accents to enhance the over-all look. You may want to add throw pillows, maybe a fringe of one of the colors added to the leading edge of draperies or even change the color of a picture frame. You can use your imagination to it's fullest to create your very own original Master Bedroom.

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