The Character Of Chandeliers

by Justin Arnold - Date: 2010-09-29 - Word Count: 525 Share This!

Picture a room in which chandeliers hang from the ceiling. Before you start rolling your eyes and wondering if I've lost the plot, I'm well aware that chandeliers are hardly likely to be hanging from the floor, although in all honesty if you've seen some of the things interior designers occasionally come up with its not necessarily so far from the truth.

But there is a reason why I'd like you to picture chandeliers within a room of your choice. Now let me ask you, what sort of chandeliers did you visualise? In most cases people's assumption of chandeliers is restricted to cascading rivulets of crystal dripping from the ultimate bling spider web. But in fact chandeliers aren't restricted to crystal chandeliers or glass chandeliers which harbour grandiose dreams of becoming Louis XIV chandeliers when they grow up.

In fact today there is a wider range of chandeliers available than ever before, offering something for almost every room, and for almost every taste and style. Whether you are looking for elegant traditionalism, vibrant modernism, Art Deco, glamour, Gothic, or even contemporary, there are chandeliers for everyone and every home.

It is easy to assume as well that all chandeliers are large, dripping cascades of crystal taking up half the room. Today there are chandeliers of all shapes and sizes, meaning that if you are looking for a small, compact, stunning contemporary chandelier then you still have quite an impressive choice.

From Gothic black chandeliers to the unmistakable glamour of pink chandeliers, the opportunity to make a very dramatic statement within a room, about a room, and about you has never been as easy or as much fun.

If you are considering redesigning your bedroom to create the ultimate girl's night in, from elegant pink bedding to a dressing table that would rival any Hollywood dressing room, then a pink chandelier makes the perfect finishing touch.

It is important to remember that when you are trying to create a character within the style and decor of a room that more than anything else it is the lighting which gives it real life, and imbues it with personality. Creating the ultimate early bedroom is easily done, but also easily left undone. Simply sticking in some reasonably smart lighting is often a case of missing a golden opportunity. Or a pink one.

But the same is true whatever room you are considering. An elegant living room designed and styled around a shabby chic look or a French rococo inspired look just cries out for the right kind of lighting to provide the spark which brings life to the whole room.

Crystal chandeliers and glass chandeliers are the right way to bring glamour, elegance and style to a living room, dining room, hall or bedroom. Whatever kind of room you are planning on decorating or revamping, make sure that you give serious thought to the benefits which chandeliers offer, and don't make the mistake of assuming that chandeliers necessarily mean extravagance.

Chandeliers are about style and character, both of which are essential components for the completion of a room in a way that demonstrates your own style and character, no matter how extravagant or understated that may be.

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