There's A Place For Everything With a Closet Organizer

by Andrew Caxton - Date: 2007-01-21 - Word Count: 450 Share This!

When people think about organizing their lives to save time, they rarely think that their closet - the smallest room in the house - is one of the most important rooms to have well-organized. But common sense says it is.

That's because the closet contains some of your most valuable possessions - your clothing!

Look in your closet right now. What do you see? Are there piles of old clothes on the floor? Are they burying something important? Do you have boxes stacked precariously on a single high shelf, ready to come tumbling down at the slightest touch? Do you spend several precious morning minutes trying to find something to wear?

Then you need to organize your closet. And it's easier than ever to do that, because there are dozens of closet organizers on the market, so you're sure to be able to find something to fit your price range.

What kind of closet organizer do you need, to fit your lifestyle?

Shelving systems

Wire rack shelving systems are perhaps the quickest and easiest kind of unit to install. They are light, but sturdy, and you can see what's on the bottom! This type of system most typically is installed at the top of the closet, with the clothes hanging below, and is used for boxes and other large items.

If you want a more elegant look to those shelves, you can find complete systems made out of such hardwoods as maple...and if you are looking for sturdy but utilitarian you can even get shelving made out of steel.


It's possible to obtain a shoe bag that you hang around a door knob, but some people think that looks tacky. You can also get tilted shelves so that you can lay out your shoes for easy viewing.

Hanging Units

If you've got long coats and short coats, long dresses and short dresses, then you may sometimes find yourself wishing that you had a way of compensating for those differences. Well, all you need to do is acquire an adjustable hanging unit or two, or even a "valet pole."


As with anything else, you can find a drawer system to suit your pocketbook, from wire to plastic to metal to wood.

Of course, once you have an organization system in place in your closet, the trick is to use it! It does take a little bit of discipline to train yourself - or your children - to put things back where they came from, to put things away "now" so you don't have to spend 20 minutes cleaning up all those "I'll do this later" things, later.

Once you've got the system, however, the cleanup is easier, so you'll soon be able to get into the habit of keeping one of your most important living spaces neat and tidy.

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