A Poem And Phrases On To My Angel

by Gianni Truviani - Date: 2010-09-16 - Word Count: 335 Share This!

My Sad Angel (Gappeluszka)

A poem about the beauty given to my angel by the streak of sadness inside her which makes her even more lovely and desirable than the finest garments; be they silk or satin.

My sad angel has majestic smile
yet there is sadness in her ever lovely face
as she takes the form of joy when sparkle bright
of life bring it about ever slight

My Joannuszka is beauty true in eyes heavenly blue
whilst gold mane descend to cascade
as deity sensual to bring about happiness
to all whom shall bestow but gaze upon
yet hers is the sorrow of the sensitive

My gappeluszka be spirit of wonder to reflect
upon celestial expressions of creativity delight
whilst imagination bright not lack she
of tender compassion to grace all yet she be of soul
to bare distress to my immense wretchedness

My sad angel, I treasure with devotion
for she cometh with kindness of being delicate
as rose of her sexuality for together ours be bliss
to confiscate our misery if but for moment succinct

Dear teacher be I, to guide my angel
for in ourselves rest sole hope
to come upon our garden of paradise
taking our place with rising dreams
praising those ever eager to adore

Angelical Phrases

These are some of the thoughts which came to me as I saw the one whom I have dubbed with many a title from "my angel" to "my gappeluszka".

"Your smile is the flash of a majestic soul."

"Your golden mane is the sun's rays captured in all their splendor."

"When I gaze upon your body, my imagination is forced to believe that you are but the fantasy of my sexuality, for in what other way could nature have known?"

"I know what you feel for me but it is like having a beautiful painting, that you know it is yours but you still like to look at it just to enjoy it, it is the same when you tell me that you love me."

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