No If, Ands, or Buts?

by Paul Davis - Date: 2007-01-02 - Word Count: 326 Share This!

You say, "No ifs, ands, or buts"
Yet I have evidence to rebut
For what is morally and ethically right
Shall be sufficient evidence and argument
To overturn your rigid rule and establish precedent
No policy is irrefutable when it is in part immoral.
Hence exceptions can be made
When dishonesty cuts below the grade
Of what is moral right, fair, and just
For in ourselves alone we cannot trust
Contradictions and exceptions at time arise
And therefore sometimes we must realize
Policies set in place, though our intentions be good
Don't always serve everybody as they should
Sometimes people are wronged
By what we set in order to make things right
Therefore we cannot always defer to our computers
As if they are deity day and night
Occasionally a policy needs to be overturned
Overlooked, or the spirit examined within the book
The letter of the law is not always enough
Neither should we impose it on people harshly and rough
For the intent and spirit of the letters in which it is writ
Will reveal its necessity and whether we should modify it
Therefore prioritize people over your policies and don't quit
Move beyond the procedural high horse on which you sit
Show mercy and grace when appropriate and in place
Be firm, but not forgetful that you too will one day be in need
Therefore remember you also live in flesh and blood and bleed
In conclusion, before laying down the law about the way it is
Consider how better things could be if you'd open your eyes to see
That sometimes circumstances flow differently
And more important than some pontificating policy
Is those you serve called humanity
Honor and serve them appreciatively
Care for them tenderly and adequately
When in a disagreement prefer them gently.
Because if, ands, and buts will pass away eventually
Than all we shall have is you and me throughout eternity
Therefore let's work together peaceably and cooperatively.

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Paul Davis is a life coach (relational & professional), popular worldwide keynote speaker, creative consultant, explorer, mediator, minister, liberator and dream-maker.

Paul is a minister and author of several books including God vs. Religion; Breakthrough for a Broken Heart; Stop Lusting & Start Living; and Adultery: 101 Reasons Not to Cheat.

Paul's compassion for people & passion to travel has taken him to over 50 countries of the world where he has had a tremendous impact. Paul has also brought revival to many in war-torn, impoverished and tsunami stricken regions of the earth. His nonprofit organization Dream-Maker Ministries is building dreams and breaking limitations.

Paul's Breakthrough Seminars inspire, revive, awaken, impregnate with purpose, impart the fire of desire, catapult people into a new level of self-awareness, facilitate destiny discovery and dream fulfillment.

Contact Paul to minister, speak at your event or for life coaching: 407-967-7553.

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