"my Angel" (joannuszka Slisznuszka)

by Gianni Truviani - Date: 2010-10-04 - Word Count: 250 Share This!

My angel be not revelation of loveliness on to me
for she be possessor of golden mane
to surge angelic features of face
nay vase to her soul of supple cambers
to encompass ever lustful rose
whilst mounds of delight grant contour
which doeth enmity on to deities
of sexuality as be Venus before Aphrodite
thus for traits similar be found
on as many maidens fair
as be upon land near and far

My angel be cache of spirit to grant inspiration on to her dear slisznuszek
for in her who have descended from heights of my castle in the sky
be one of ways to create sensations of harmony
that ours might take flight as waltz of bliss

My angel be vision of grandeur
as emotions do radiate from source
that but takes on form of femininity
thus her reality being angelical entity
delivered on to me which haveth not own gender
save that be willed in fantasies of mine
thus she transform to reality

My angel in all light be being of adoration on to me
for spirit of delicacy to dwell within
such façade of sensual splendor
thus displaying in eyes ever tender
disposition of kindness whilst in favor
she deliver on to me grace of compassion

My angel in acts of affection to nay exclude devotion
of frantic sexuality on to her gappeluszek
beeth all passion on to adoration
of he ever detained in her charms
to venture beyond all present to eye
on forth to realms of dual empathy

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