Homemade Graduation Poems

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I seemed to find writing poems at school rather difficult at school. I found I could not think of the right topics. I also did not feel confident about getting the words to scan or rhyme. I felt I did not want to write poetry at all. Sadly that also meant I did not read poetry either. However many years ago my friend introduced me to great poetry. Some of the poetry just seemed to fit perfectly with the events in my life. There were happy, sad and wonderful moments in my life and some poems really did say it all for me at the time. They gave me a source of inspiration, crystallised my thoughts and let me experience the moment. The times involved a new partner, leaving friends, a special vacation, graduation and a wonderful baby.

Poems have also been very meaningful at times when life has been tough. Saying good bye is hard. When I started to look for graduation poems for my daughter I was reminded about the brilliant poets who have written poetry which have a staggering insight into life. At graduation there are a lot of emotions involved and depending on the events in the graduate's life there may be a need for poems to help celebrate, say goodbye to friends or inspire the graduate to achieve great things in the future.

There are many books and websites which have great poetry. Some of the websites are brilliantly categorised so that you can find the poems you need. You may be a speaker needing a poem to enhance your speech, you may need a poem to help with invitation wording or perhaps write a thank you card. The poem can provide brief but powerful wording that says it all in a way you never could. I wonder at the power of the words they use at times.

Homemade poetry is also a wonderful thing. I think it is wonderful because you can create a unique and personal poem in a way no one else can. I decided that although there were great poems available to use that I should write my own poem for my daughters graduation. I felt that I could provide a personal note that no one else could. I know exactly how she lives her life and how I feel about her. I thought the best approach was to try it out and if it did not work then I would use one of the ones available from another author. The graduation poem I created was a bit rough and ready and not exactly at a standard a publisher would use. However it was my tribute to our daughter and it was intended for the party invitations.

She has laughed the most
She has loved us all
She has given us fun
She has made life a ball
We are delighted to host
A graduation party to boast
About all the things she has done
And to celebrate with fun
Please come to Amy's graduation party.

Whatever you decide to do you could create a wonderful graduation poem.

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