Ladies of the Incas (melba and Ariseli)

by Gianni Truvianni - Date: 2008-11-21 - Word Count: 268 Share This!


Melba and Ariseli though ye be

loving sisters thou be sundry

as emerging branches

in converse directions

from the tree that sprung ye

Melba and Ariseli

having in common but thine

goodness and spirit of kindliness

so unaware of envy or jealousy

for innate from thine pedigree

is only what be human integrity  

Melba and Ariseli like land that bore ye

of majestic Inca who be no more

as cultures passed to be present Peru

such is of ye spirit in thee my beauty

Melba and Ariseli

noble be thine race

shown on what be face

for adoration by all who be bold

As thine ancestors of days of old

Melba and Ariseli

as jungle be ye wild

from colorful robust nature

in thine Amazon fruit

of sweetness and fertility

that lends but grandness

to thee oh, female of

deity and sexuality    

Melba and Ariseli

strong by ye in thine

will that come down upon me

as tempest from those Andes

that stand so high in that

land to empires long gone

for I to thee gaze

naw save what be admiration

of my worship  

Melba and Ariseli

thee be abundant in all that

be goodness as thine fatherland

rich from Amazon to

ocean dubbed Pacific  

for in ye both there be diversity

as in thine nation of mountain high,

lands of green and shores of arid gold  


Melba and Ariseli

thee will mark thineself

upon my love always

as lines upon desert

from art of the Nazca

never to erase

neither by whim of wind nor time

for thou arst my lovely ladies

of Peru

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